Straight Drop


Spring Operated Straight Drop

The Straight Drop Awning is spring operated. This Awning is designed for short drops usually securing to handrails, which are ideal for balconies.

The Awning has no stops and must be fully up or locked down with dog clips.

To operate this blind pull down by hand or for higher installed blinds use the pull down pole.
The top roller has a spring so that as you pull the blind down the blind is tension.
This blind is designed to be pulled down to a hand rail, where the bottom rail can be attached to snap hooks.
Fabrics available Screen / mesh, acrylic and canvas.

Fixed Guide Awnings

Fixed Guide Awnings are an extremely effective and low cost option, ideal for high or out of reach windows, that are not easily accessible.

Fixed Guide Awnings do not have locking arms like other models but rather a circular guide on the bottom bar which runs up two metal rods on either side, giving the awning the flexibility of stopping at any point without having to secure the base rail.

Easily operated internally or externally by cord and pulley, motor or crank, for those installed on the ground level.

Rope and Pulley Straight Drop Awning

The Rope and Pulley Straight Drop Awning is a simple type of external blind, retracted by a rope and pulley and extended by gravity.

This awning has no arms and when fully extended it is held down by straps to prevent it flapping in the wind.

When the rope is pulled to retract the awning, the fabric rolls around a tube at the base of the blind. Ideally suited for traditional verandahs, or the edge of a pergola where the top fixing position slopes from one side to the other.

Ideally used to protect against the sun or as a privacy screen.

Straight Drop Awning Installation 

Proper installation is key to maximising the functionality and longevity of your pivot arm awning. That is why we offer comprehensive professional installation services, performed by our team of experienced and certified technicians. We handle everything from site assessment and precise measurements to secure mounting and final adjustments. Ensuring your awning operates flawlessly and looks stunning for years to come.

Straight Drop Awnings: Where Style Meets Shade

We understand that your awning is more than just sun protection; it is an extension of your style. That is why we offer an array of customisation options:

Fabrics galore: Choose from vibrant patterns, cool mesh fabrics, or classic canvas in a spectrum of colours to complement your décor.

Mix and match: Combine different fabrics and colours for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Accessorise with style:  Add valances, scallops, or even integrated lighting to make your awning a showstopper.

With Zeee, the possibilities are endless. Create an awning that reflects your individuality and enhances your outdoor space.


Q: Which straight drop awning type is right for me?
We offer three main types of straight drop awnings: spring-operated, fixed guide, and rope and pulley. Choosing the right one depends on several factors, including:

Accessibility: Consider how easily you can reach the awning for operation. Fixed Guide awnings are ideal for high or out-of-reach windows.

Budget: Spring-operated awnings are generally the most affordable option, while fixed guide, rope, and pulley awnings may require additional installation costs.

Functionality: Think about how you will use the awning. Spring-operated, rope, and pulley awnings offer full extension/retraction, while fixed guide awnings can be stopped at any point.

Q: How do I operate my straight drop awning?
The operation method depends on the type of awning you choose:

Spring Operated: Pull down manually or with a pole, then lock down with dog clips.

Fixed Guide: Use cord, pulley, motor, or crank (ground level only).

Rope and Pulley: Pull the cord to retract; gravity extends the awning.

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Had crim safe external security door fitted. Product operates as described. Friendly staff. Happy to recommend.
Paul Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
This company were easy to deal with, offered professional service and provided a high quality product. They were punctual, polite and considerate when in the home. Would recommend.
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Janine Gorman
Obtaining a quote was quick and easy as they had staff in my area on a regular basis. Delivery and installation was professional with friendly and qualified staff that had my blinds up and looking great in no time. I would recommend their services.
Excellent service and turn around time for my crim-safe door!
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Kelly Wellsmore
Zeee installed plantation shutters in our kitchen and bathrooms. The product is top quality and the service was great. When they came out to do the quote we discussed so many options and I felt no pressure at all to commit to anything on the spot. Their prices are great and when it came to installation the man was very professional and worked so quickly. Our shutters are so gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.
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Elle Feeney
Very professional friendly and prompt service. Turned up when they said they would be there.
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Adelle Currie
The team at Zeee were incredible to deal with from start to finish — friendly, responsive, flexible and very efficient. We had Crimsafe installed to all our external doors and we could not be happier with the product and service we have received. Highly recommended!
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Gillian Hembrador
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